Jordan Laws presents 'Fit To Fill' Video Remix LP

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When the history of Video DJing is written, entire volumes will be devoted to this genre-defining masterpiece. Drawing its name from a video editing function, 'Fit To Fill' merges a wide selection of TV, film and music sources into one mind-blowing rhythmic megamix.

A one-man army, Jordan Laws set the bar impossibly high when he released this project in 2009. Building on original audio production and thousands of hours of video #Werk, Laws chops, cuts, enhances and blends the elements with brilliant precision and intensity.

It's the scale and length of this project that is remarkable. A viewer who watches the full 40 minutes is left with the impression that Laws is uniquely talented and ingeniously pop-culture obsessed.

Known worldwide as a groundbreaking work, especially amongst Video DJs, 'Fit to Fill' can be considered true Video Art. #Werk

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