Past. Present. Future. For a man widely viewed as an architect and pioneer of Video DJing, 2nd Nature has always kept himself firmly planted on the cutting-edge. Being raised in the thick of the Detroit music scene and manning turntables at the age of 14 is something you can’t teach. For 2ndNature it was a perfect pairing. His audio remixes regularly turned into hits from coast to coast, from the ATL to BBC Radio One. Working with greats like Magic Mike and Outkast, 2ndNature kept developing new sounds in the studio and spreading them to DJs and audiences around the world. But that wasn’t enough.

2ndNature wanted to take it even further. He combined his love of visual mediums, a film degree, his deep rooted musical ear and years of remixing, producing and live club gigs and blended them in a way no one else had. Some now say he’s the Godfather of video mixing, and anyone who witnesses his explosive live performance will certainly understand why. Still 2ndNature wants to defy labels and continue pushing everything he touches to places we’ve never been.┬áThe dynamic live element of his video performances coupled with his audio remix abilities have kept 2ndNature two steps ahead.

He continually satisfies his audiences with state-of-the-art entertainment. Whether it’s his cover stories in magazines like DJ Times, his Emmy Nomination, or his content creation for corporations like Under Armour, Lenovo, Blackberry and Nissan, 2ndNature always finds himself in the driver’s seat, pushing the envelope for audio/visual entertainment. The past can’t be debated, the present is where he’s already been and the future is where 2ndNature lives.

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